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Adorable Toppers

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edible cupcake toppers

I used to be weary of working with fondant. To be totally honest, I was intimidated by it. I kept telling myself – “I’m not a sculptor, I can’t possibly come up with something cute using fondant.” Like many things we often tell ourselves that isn’t exactly accurate – working with fondant being difficult is simply untrue. All I had to do was commit to practicing and being willing to make mistakes and the most important part- is trying all over again.

I have since created some pretty impressive edible pieces if I may say so myself. This is one example (photo below.)

edible treasure chest – covered in fondant

I’ll post more of my fondant creations here soon.

I want to impart from my own personal experience that – nothing is impossible to learn. If you’re interested in something just give it a shot. Chances are you will be good at it for as long as you keep at it.