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Backyard Cocktail get-together

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This was a lovely buffet we put together for The Steakley’s.  Clay called Belly Bliss Catering to prepare a light cocktail menu for a surprise party for Erica- his wife who recently earned her PhD.  This was definitely going to be an intimate gathering surrounded by only the closest friends and family.  It had to be beautifully presented and above all – it should highlight just how special the celebration is for this wonderful family.

The garden served as a gorgeous background.  No need for any special decor other than a well laid out spread.  The greenery and the perfect LA weather completed our presentation.

backyard buffet

The refreshments were a classic red sangria and a house made raspberry pomegranate iced tea- each served in glass beverage dispensers.



The Belly Bliss menu.  Very simple and well balanced cocktail party menu.  That mango ginger chutney dip is to-die-for!



A charcuterie platter to make anyone salivate.  We rolled sliced cheddar cheese with blanched asparagus wrapped in bulgarian ham.



The bottom tier has zucchini stacks with smoked salmon in between and herb and garlic whipped cream cheese




We send our love and loads of good fortune to Clay, Erica and Dot Steakley.  Thank you for having us!